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Rozell’s Small Engine Repair has been selling and repairing lawnmower, chain saws and small engines since 1978 in Central Oklahoma and Lincoln County.  We sold the best and fixed the rest but after 41 years have retired. The Small Engine Shop is not repairing now but we have a few parts to sell and some tools and some display shelves.  

We will continue to operate Rozell’s Ministorage to store your stuff and Countryside Auction offering a nice comfortable Auction to sell your Goats & Sheep and a  consignment sale selling your miscellaneous agriculture related items, poultry, hay, and livestock equipment..

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Corona virus update affecting our operations- click here.

Countryside Auction Goat & Sheep Auction barn.  for info about the upcoming goat & sheep sales and about our consignment sale.  N. of Chandler, OK  342564 E 840 Rd  405 615 7065  Countryside Auction will continue as usual- closing the lawnmower shop will not affect it.

Notice: Rozell’s Small Engine Repair  Wayne and Karen has retirired from lawn and garden repairs.  All parts left and  most tools will be up for sale.  We thank you for your support in this business for the past 41 years and supporting all our ventures since 1964 but it has come time to slow down a little. 108 E. 1st  Chandler, OK 405 258 1265

We now have a calendar page for our days of operation for each entity and the days we will be gone.  Check it Calendar out.

Stay home.  Isolate yourself from others.  If you have to get out remember social distancing.  Wash your hands.  Don’t touch your face or eyes.  Wear a mask if out.  Don’t go to Walmart or anywhere else for just an outing.  STAY HOME! Don’t bitch at the grocery clerk for empty shelves.  It’s not his fault.  Don’t buy 10 packs of toilet paper, 40 bottles of hand sanitizer, and all the lysol spray you can find every week so you can stock up.  Thats why the rest of us can’t find any.  We need it to protect you at our place as well. Use some common sense and think of others in this wild time. 

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Rozell’s Storage for info about the storage units- office in Rozell’s Small Engines 405 258 1265  We will have an office at our current location and continue to operate the ministorage after we close the mower shop.

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We shall never forget those impacted by the terror inflicted on Oklahoma on April 19, 1995 and the USA on Sept. 11, 2001. We thank our military who are continuously in harms way who protect our freedoms and freedoms around the world.  May God bless our veterans and protect our military men & women, police, firefighters, and EMT who give daily to make our lives safer.

We have needed a firefighter, an EMT, a Dr, a nurse, a cop, a trucker, a grocer, a gas station, a restaurant, a phone co, a tire shop, a hardware store, a lumberyard, a pharmacy, a farmer, a rancher and a lot of other people and most of them live right here.  Support your local businesses.  In this day of a pandemic they are the ones who will help. Remember them when this is over.  SHOP LOCAL!  Thank all of you who are putting your self out there on the front line for the rest of us.



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