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Driving directions to sale barn or mininstorage.

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Rozells Ministorage at At blue dot:

Rozell’s Small Engine Repair is selling parts only that are in stock.  Rozell’s Ministorage office is located  in the old mower shop building and Mr. C. Custom Cuts is in the front of the building at 108 E. 1st Chandler, OK

Call for directions to mini-storage at 405 258 1265 or 405  615 7065

Countryside Auction is located 6 miles north of 1st street & Hiway 18 in Chandler to 840 Rd. then 1.5 m west. Or if exiting the Turnpike it is 5.5 m N on 18.  Or from 177 and Hanmer Park Rd in Carney go 6.5 m. East. Barn address is 342564 E. 840 RD, Chandler, OK Gps will get you close but not exactly to us.

red box

Countryside Auction at red box

At the Junction of 33 & 18 between Cushing & Perkins go south 13 miles then west 1.5 m  on 840 Rd.

Direction on how to avoid Chandler main street congestion to reach the sale barn from the S or W.

Some people have asked us how to get around the downtown while pulling a stock trailer.  If you are coming in from Hwy 18 from Meeker/Shawnee at the stop sign on HWY 18 and HYW 66, the round building in front of you is the Lincoln Co Farm Center.  Turn left there and just past it turn right before you cross that new bridge.  It used to be National Drive but think it is Joe Long Drive now but online map doesn’t say so. Go north there- takes you up past the football field and by the park.  At the dead end turn left.  Go about a block and turn right on Keith Duncan Drive.  Go past the nursing home to dead end at 1st ST stop sign and turn right.  Go about 2 blocks to the stop sign and turn left onto HWY 18 N.  It is 6 miles to 840 Rd.  Turn left on 840 and go west about 1.5 miles.

If you are coming in from 66 from the west (Wellston, Luther, OKC, or from 177 south to 66) go past LD’s wrecker on the south side of the road.  At the next corner (about 1/2 mile) turn left on Post Road. There is a pawn shop and ministorage on the NE corner of that intersection.  Go north on Post Rd to the dead end.  Turn Right.  Go east probably a little over a mile.  Once you pass the nursing home on the right continue about another couple blocks to a stop sign and turn left onto HWY 18 or N Price Road.  From there you are 6 miles to 840 Rd and then turn left 1.5 miles.

Coming from the east on 66  (from Davenport, Stroud, etc), come into town.  When you pass On Cue on the north side of the street continue straight ahead on 1ST street.  Do not take the curve south.  Go over the hill north of the Interpretive Center and down over the railroad crossing and that puts you on HWY 18.  Continue about 3 blocks more west on 1st Street till the road curves around a convenience store to the right or North.  If you  took the curve south there at On Cue you can take Cleveland north behind the fire Dept or take Manvel N at the Junction.  This puts you back on HWY 18 North.  There is a stop sign merging onto 1st St and about 3 blocks you curve  right or north around the convenience store and you are again 6 miles from 840 Rd where you turn left and go 1.5 miles on the gravel Rd to Countyside Auction.

We invite you to visit our little town but we know sometimes with all the bigger trucks parked on main street it seems a little narrow.  This is a way you can avoid that congestion.  If you are pulling a trailer and want to drop it at the barn and come back into town that is fine with us.



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