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Rozell’s Small Engine Repair has been selling and repairing lawnmower, chain saws and small engines since 1978 in Central Oklahoma and Lincoln County.  We sell the best and fix the rest.  We also operate Rozell’s Ministorage to store your stuff and we also started Countryside Auction offering a nice comfortable Auction to sell your Goats & Sheep in 2006 and have since added consignment sale selling your miscellanous items.

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Rozell’s Small Engine Repair for information on mowers, equipment or parts info, also lines we carry and tips for better mower service.

108 E. 1st  Chandler, Ok

405 258 1265

Rozell’s Storage for info about the storage units- office in Rozell’s Small Engines 405 258 1265

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Countryside Auction Goat & Sheep Auction barn.  for info about the upcoming goat & sheep sales and about our consignment sale.  N. of Chandler, OK  342564 E 840 Rd  405 615 7065

We shall never forget those impacted by the terror inflicted on Oklahoma on April 19, 1995 and the USA on Sept. 11, 2001. We thank our military who are continuously in harms way who protect our freedoms and freedoms around the world.  May God bless our veterans and protect our military men & women, police, firefighters, and EMT who give daily to make our lives safer.

Our hearts go out to the people of TX. and others impacted by Harvey.  God bless those who put their lives in danger to help others.  And the main stream media should have taken note.  Blacks helped whites and Hispanics, whites helped blacks and Hispanics, Hispanics helped out- nobody cared- you just needed help.  Nobody ask if you were Republican or Democrat, rich or poor, gay or straight or had a green card.  They didn’t ask those redneck boys that showed up with boats if the had a Rebel flag on their truck.   It was people helping people who needed help.  God Bless you all.

Thankfully Floridians left but got caught up in the different track of IRMA but apparently most rode the storm our without loss of life but it is just getting to where they can check and be sure.  Our thoughts go out to those affected by this monster storm.  But who knew that emergency services had to be suspended when winds hit 45.  That is just a mild breeze in Oklahoma. 

Our thought go out to those affected by the wild fires in the Western part of the US.  Apparently our media is too concerned with Irma to cover the devastation happening out west. Finally they are covering the wildfire devastation in CA.  Hopefully it will rain soon and help those firemen stop the loss of homes and lives.

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