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 Specialty Tools

We will be selling a lot of our specialty tools for lawn mower repairs.   As we get closer we will be advertising them on here.  I’ll get pictures of them on here soon as I can.  We are currently inventorying and completing what repairs and service we have to do.  Then tools well be available.

Heftee2000 lift1

This is the Heftee 2000.  The best tool we ever invested in.  Back saver and time saver and safe.  We have the extenders for walk mowers and the 2 axle jacks and the flat jack.  Available now.  We also have made the boom to fit it.  Goes with it.

It took a lot of time for us to decide to invest in this product but when we did we wondered why we didn’t do it sooner.

It has the 2 extender ramps, the 2 axle jacks and the flat jack and tool tray.  Extender ramps can be used to work a push mower, a pressure washer, and a post hole auger.  Ever try to adjust a post hole auger and hold on to it.  These extender ramps work great for that. The axle jacks work great if you have to pull a wheel off to get to something by the side of the wheel.  Golf cart blocks also.


Extender ramps holding an auger.

Heftee 2000 with 2 extender ramps. 2 axel jacks, 1 flat jack, and tool tray.  Will lift equipment up to 2000# or more.  Unit weighs 1490#.  $5000.00 Reduced to $4500. No equipment pictured on the lift goes nor the chain hoist in the picture.

axle jacks

Heftee 2000 lift showing the 2 axel lifts and flat lift holding up back of mower with wheels off.

serv equip tools1
serve equip boring1

Serve equip small block or motorcycle jug boring bar.  All original tools with it.  Used very little.  Interested give us a call or come look at it.  $3000.00  $2700  or make me an offer.

Everything goes into storage soon.  Get it now while price is reduced.  We don’t want to move it twice.  Start the remodel on the building May 1st.  Once we get the building remodeled and have an office again we will post what parts we deem salvageable to sell.   Also all service books  and special tools. will be available for sale.

service desk
gerber seeder lift1

Gerber Seeder lift  $500. reduced to $400. Electric operated

Service Desk $120.00

2 parts washers

$20.00  and $45.00

More small tools and displays. click here

Contact us if you are interested or want to inquire if we have a certain tool.

We will sell service manuals as we work thru all this stuff and once we finish and clean out the work area the specialty tools are for sale.



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