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We have a Heftee 2000 Lift- best thing we ever bought.  Saves time and back of mechanic. At 78 we would not have been able to stay this long without it.  Multipurpose tool.  Can lift riding mower to change belt and blades, remove spindles without having to take deck off on most models, can use axel jacks to take off rear tires to reach adjusting areas or remove a hydrostat.  Flat jack to keep rear end stable or front end if repair needed there. Small extended ramps to raise a walk mower, pressure washer or best of all to work on a post hole digger.  If you have ever tried to adjust one by yourself while throttling it up you understand what a pain that is.  This works great to do that. No shop should be without one. Needs at least 10 ft ceiling.  Weight is about 1500 #. Priced at $5000.


This picture is of the extender ramps with a post hold digger on it.  The mower on the lift has the jacks under it holding it steady and level while working on it.


This picture shows the 2 axle jacks and flat jack stabilizing back of mower while it’s being worked on. Hand tools, mower, post hole digger, light, chain hoist does not go.

The lift, tool tray, 2 entender ramps, 2 axle jacks, and one flat pan jack goes.

Lit’l Heftee Lift is sold


This is a Gerber Seeder lift we have for sale. Electric lift   $500.00

DSCN0658 (1)

This is a Serv Equip motorcycle/small engine block boring bar.  $3000.00

DSCN0653 (1)

Attention tractor restorers. This is a mag tester for the old style large farm tractors or oil field mags.  With it come a box of parts.  $100.00.



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