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Do it yourself parts

Lots of do it yourself parts- original equipment.


Over 20 B&S air filters, 2 oil filters, 3 fuel filters + primers, bat cables, str gear, selenoids, gasoff wipes, pump oil, flywheel keys, and more DIY parts.  Also more parts not packed as DIY.


Kohler DIY- 12 air filters, 2 oil filters and 3 fuel filters,  Lots more Kohler parts on the shelf.

blades saws

OEP Briggs & Stratton parts, Kohler parts, some Murrray and Tecumseh mixing oils, blades and mower belts .

Original Equipment or referencecs to OEP (Original Equipment Parts) refers to parts made and sold by the Original Equipment manufacturer.  Most times are a better fit and less likely to do damage.  Sometimes Aftermarket parts are acceptable and sometimes not and sometimes cheaper and sometimes more expensive and really expensive if they don‘t fit and damage  equipment. We recommend using OEP.  Also do not assume on line parts are cheaper.  I found a part the other day on line for  a string trimmer was $32.14 plus shipping and I sell it for about $25. which includes tax.  I find these things all the time where we are cheaper and sometimes we have it and you get it that day and don’t have to wait for shipping. Some of these places charge shipping and handling fees which can be rather high. 

Beware internet claims they have a brand name part for less $. Many time they say Fits XYZ brand- it that original Equipment- probably not or it would say original XYZ part.  Will it work - who knows- will it fit who knows.  Just be informed before purchase.  You order it and when it comes in  in a plain box- no brand label.  Yeah you just been scammed.

Wayne was needing a key switch for a mower.  There are 2 that are similar but are not interchangeable.  I got the one he needed off the shelf and decided to look up the same switch on line.  Ran from $11 - 25.00  some with free shipping- arrive in 4-6 days, others price plus shipping which they did not say now much shipping would be.   I had it on the shelf for $13.27 TODAY.  Also on the same page was the other switch that looks very much like the one we needed and was cheaper but will not work for this tractor.  I have that switch and it is cheaper but won’t work for this application. If you order that switch you will be working a long time trying to get this tractor to work.  Better to get the switch you need.  It sometimes takes me 30+ min to an hr to decipher all the drawings and get the right item for a particular product- sometimes there are serial no ranges and other factors to consider.  Be sure you get the right parts for your application. Just because the internet says part fits a Briggs does not mean it fits your application. Also if you buy a carb on line that says Fits B&S but it in fact it a look alike where do you go to get a kit later if you need parts.  Better to get the OEM part.



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