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Do it yourself parts

Lots of do it yourself parts- original equipment. Adding new parts all the time.


Over 20 B&S air filters, 2 oil filters, 3 fuel filters + primers, bat cables, str gear, selenoids, gasoff wipes, pump oil, flywheel keys, and more DIY parts.  Also more parts not packed as DIY and more DIY coming in on our spring order.  Canned fuels, tune up kits, and bar oil.


Kohler DIY- 12 air filters, 2 oil filters and 3 fuel filters,  More items coming on our spring order and lots more Kohler parts on the shelf.

blades saws

OEP Briggs & Stratton parts, Kohler parts, some Murrray and Tecumseh mixing oils, blades and mower belts .

Original Equipment or referencecs to OEP (Original Equipment Parts) refers to parts made and sold by the Original Equipment manufacturer.  Most times are a better fit and less likely to do damage.  Sometimes Aftermarket parts are acceptable and sometimes not and sometimes cheaper and sometimes more expensive and really expensive if they don‘t fit and damage  equipment and we recommend using OEP.  Also do not assume on line parts are cheaper.  I found a part the other day on line for  a string trimmer was $32.14 plus shipping and I sell it for about $25. which includes tax.  I find these things all the time where we are cheaper and sometimes we have it and you get it that day and don’t have to wait for shipping. Some of these places charge shipping and handling fees which can be rather high. 

Canned fuels- we stock VP and Tru Fuels

Canned fuels are expensive but for some things used once every 3 mo to a year they are a good buy.  for example:

Grandma likes to use her weedeater and uses a gal of mixed gas all summer.  Cost of gas at $8 per Qt= $32.  Can be stored till next year with the same gas mix- good for a year in machine. Makes starting easy.

Cost of reg gas(hoping no ethanol in it)  $2.00.  Cost of mixing oil.  Depends on oil but lets say $2.50.  Cost of summers fuel $4.50.  Cost of cleaning and repairing carb diaphrams next season so unit will start.  $65 to $100.   That makes the cost of fuel:  reg gas and repairs- a min of $70.00  Which is cheaper $32 or $70

Cost of canned fuel - $32.00 and it starts every time easily for Grandma. 

Same with your chain saw- if it sets 6 mo out of the year with fuel in it.  Canned fuel cost $8 per qt. Reg gas mixed about $4.50 a gal but if it sets all summer with fuel in it and the repairs are $65 up to get running.  Which is cheaper?  Now if you use that saw every day- then canned fuel is questionable?

Do you use your generator every day? every month?  every year?  Canned fuels are a must for that.  You should start one every month but who does?  Canned fuels will last for 1 year in the machine, 2-3 years unopened on the shelf.  Yes if we are going to have an ice storm get 5 gal of gas.  Use it till the storm is over.  Drain it and add some canned fuel.  Start and run thru the engine.  Then it’s ready to set for another year before use.  Dump what’s left of the 5 gal into your car and don’t buy more till the next ice storm is coming in. Gas loses it’s pizzaz in less than 30 days.

If you use 1 gal of gas to mow your yard in the summer, buy only 1 gal of gas each week.  Better than 5 gal and in a month it will barely start the engine.

You are a commercial lawn care service.  How much do you spend on equipment and repairs each summer?  Do you trust your help to buy the right gas, to add the proper amount of oil to the mix for 2 cycle and shake it properly.  One commercial co has gone to canned fuels for that reason.  What do repairs cost and don’t forget to include down time for that unit in the shop! Less repairs thus less down time and they are working not waiting on equipment to get out of the shop.  No scarred cylinders because the help forgot to mix the fuel so not as much replacement on equipment.  They put a pencil on it and it’s cheaper to use the more expensive fuels.



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