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construction bypass

To bypass the construction zone.

alt route001 (3)

From the north go south of Agra or from Hwy 105 to 830 Rd.  go west 1 mile turn south go 1 mile turn west 1/2 mile and you are at Countryside Auction.

From Chandler go North on Hwy 18 from the turnpike overpass about 3 miles.  Just before the curves there is a dirt road that goes north, if you miss it go on around the curves to 860 rd.   from there go 1 mile west, if you take the road just before the curves you hit 860 in about a half mile and you have to turn so turn west and go a 1/2 mile to the intersection going north.

From that turn north it is 2 miles to the next cross roads which is 840 Rd.  Turn left at the stop sign and go west 1/2 mile to Countryside Auction.

Or coming from the west go to the south end of Carney at Hamner Park Road on 177 and go east 6 1/2 miles.

or call us for directions


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