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Next sales   April 28, May 12, 26, 2018. Consignment sale at 3:30, Livestock starts at 5PM. Sat. morning Check in starts at 8:30 till sale time- no appointment needed on Sat. On Wed, Thurs., or Fri. morning please make an appointment for us to meet you. We are usually there Friday afternoons from 3-6 Sale weekend only. Please call 405 615 7065 to be sure there is someone available to meet you on Fri. Sat the full crew will be there. Consignments need to be there by 2 and livestock before 3 on Sat. if you want it advertised on Facebook. We take consignments till 3 and livestock till 5.

If you are planning on bringing stock let us know so we can advertise it on the web page as coming and maybe we can get some extra buyers for your livestock ...but we post everything on the web page by noon Fri. so get that info to us by then. I keep saying this and we had some people come all the way from the panhandle of TX. About a 4hr drive. But they had heard of us an decided to drive here to see what they might be able to buy. So if you drop off stuff at 3 and it’s just what they are looking for and we post pictures on Facebook they are not going to be a potential buyer because they can’t get here in time. Help yourself by letting us advertise what you are bringing.


We use ag kids (FFA/4H) a lot in the barn and we have several graduating so if you live in the Chandler, Agra, Carney, Wellston area and would like to apply for a part time job 2 Sat a month contact us at the barn on Sale day before 2 PM or at Rozell Small Engine during the week.   We will discuss with you as to what openings we will possibly have available.  Must be 16 or older.

The plant man will NOT be coming next sale with garden plants- vegetable plants and ground cover.  Good sturdy plants ready to go out soon as the weather permits.  NOTE Plant man will not be here this weekend Apr 28.  Something has come up for him on Sat afternoon.

Our hay man is out of hay but we are looking for someone to supply a little more till we can get fresh hay from our hay man. So far everyone we have talked to is also out.  Soon as he cuts will let us know and be bringing hay again.

Next sale April 28

Wayne had a call on 30+ wool lambs coming this weekend and maybe a few older ewes.

We are getting lots of new people every sale and we do appreciate everyone.  We thank you for spreading the word about our sale.  We have small sales some months and big sales but they seem to be increasing each month from past years.  Thank you for marketing you animals with us and for buying  some of your replacement animls at our sale.

We have a few hair lambs coming.

We have some goats coming.

We had a call wondering if we were getting amy pygmies this sale.  Don’t know for sure.

If you own a lawnmower you need to read the Rozell Small Engine page on things coming down the pike. Informational!

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