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Next sales  Jan 27, Feb 10. 24 2018   We are 2nd & 4th Sat of the month except Dec only has 1 sale on the 2nd Sat. Items for the sale on upcoming sales, items & events page. 

Check in Misc. items, rabbits, poultry, hay preferably by 2 PM for our consignment sale and we will try to post it on Facebook so people can see what is there and have time to arrive if they see something they want to buy.  It is an Auction- sells to the highest bidder starting at 3:30.  We will not accept anything after 3 PM. for the consignment sale.  We can’t check in items and clerk the sale at the same time and that makes people wait to check out.  So nothing accepted after 3PM sale day for the consignment sale. 

If you have something you don’t need, don’t use any more but not enough stuff to have a yard sale or you just don’t have time for a yard sale, bring it out to our consignment sale and let us auction it off. Every 2nd & 4th Sat sale starts at 3:30.  Check it in by 2 so we can get it posted on Facebook- who knows somebody may be looking for what you have.

Jan 13 we had more of that good alfalfa hay and a little bit of poultry.  More hay coimg the next sale.


Check Facebook at Countryside Auction, Chandler or call 405 615 7065 for info.

cansignment lean too

Our addition to the poultry sale is about done. 


Come out by 3:30 and see if we have something you have been looking for or bring out some stuff to sell before 2 and we’ll get it pictured and on Facebook and we’ll sell it for you. If you get there after 2 not sure we will get it posted as time restraints on us and on the customer having time to get there before it’s sold.

Our new addition for our poultry/rabbit sales is coming along nicely.  The roof is finished,  cages to move and more cages to make and tables that need new tops.  A windbreak to hang for winter weather and a little dirt work to level up the ground and we will be done.  The daylight goes so fast can’t get much done during the evenings. We should be able to handle lots more items when the spring comes.

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