Web Design
pictures of livestock sales
arena 2 92016
checking in wool sheep

checking in

ring & TV screens

jake g modeling the hat

Aren’t I cute

nice rams920416

Jake G- our guest auctioneer while Dan was off.

Kellie changing a pen no 92016

Nice rams

Kellie changing a pen no

Clay, Mariesa & Jake 92016
checiking in gus & clay

Clay- ring man, Mariesa ring clerk and guest Auctioneer- Jacob G

Clay and Gus checking in.

tv screens

Ring clerk has gotten weight, no. head and animal on the way into the ring. She will add tag no. soon as she can read it.

Copy of tv's adn ads

Center screen scrolls the information and no. head sold and no. head left.  Subrtacts when sold and adds if more are checked in.

tv's adn ads

Left screen shows animals just sold, weight, price, whether sold by weight or by head and buyer’s no.

announcements 2 92016

Our center screen also scrolls  a Welcome to our sale,  information, things coming up, how we sell -by head, by weight, by pair or multiples in the ring. Times to check in and other information.



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