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Corona virus update

Rozell’s Ministorage is currently renting units.  We ask that you do not come to rent if you are feeling sick, running a fever, etc.  Stay home and do not infect others.  Call us first  at 405 258  1265 to check on what sizes we have open.  Thru Thanksgiving we may not be here so if no answer call 405 615 7065 to be sure we have the size you need and when we can meet you. I have had surgery and have been out of commission.   Give us your information so we can get the contract ready.  We will tell you when to meet us and sign the contract and make your first payment.

Monthly payments can be dropped in the lock box and we will mail you a receipt if you do not want contact.

Countryside Auction

Covid Cases are on the rise.  PLEASE Follow current CDC guidelines please.

 You may feel you are ok but maybe the guy standing beside or setting in front of you has serious health issues.  Please think of others.  Think about this when you do not wear a mask or social distance.  You could be exposing some one’s loved one.  This stuff is very serious for those with compromised health.

This thing is stressing all of us.  Be safe around others.  Since the Dec 12 sale I have lost a cousin, a niece, and know a couple people who have passed and some in the hospital (age 50’s)who are not doing well. Please if you think you are sick go home and don’t pass this stuff around.  I have another surgery scheduled Feb 3 and cannot have it if the hospitals are full of covid patients or if I come down with covid.

Guidlines 3 W’s

Wear a mask

Watch your distance- 6 ft apart

Wash your hands.

Please do not come to the sale if you feel sick or have a fever.

Please do not come to the sale if you have been exposed in the last 2 weeks and are supposed to be in quarantine.  I see people out all the time that should be in quarantine.  Do not do that.  If you are in quarantine STAY HOME!

Please Do Not come to the sale if you have been diagnosed as having Covid in the last 21 days and have not had a negative test since.

Do not crowd the Auctioneer or clerk at the consignment sale

We apologize if this causes you an inconvenience, but in order to have the sale, we must make these adjustments

Lets get this thing back down!

And the vaccine may not be safe for those with allergies.

Thank you!!!  Check back for any updates as they arise.

Rozell Small Engines is NOT doing repairs.  We will sharpen chains for a while.   We are only open to sell the parts we have left.  We are not ordering anything.  We have a few tools to sell but are basically closing not because of the virus as we are considered essential but because we are retiring from that business.



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